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Bourne - Falmouth - Kingston - Mashpee - Pembroke - Plymouth - Plympton - Sandwich 

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  • I will Advocate for parental rights in education

  • I will Support curriculum transparency in classroom while keeping Critical Race Theory ideologies out of our classrooms

  • Will advocate for additional funds to provide our schools the resources needed to close the "educational gap" created during the pandemic

Public Safety

  • I support full cooperation between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies

  • I oppose safe injection sites and will advocate for additional rehabilitation resources to serve the substance abuse community 

  • I oppose Massachusetts becoming a sanctuary state


  • I will advocate for fiscal accountability in the state budget

  • I oppose any additional tax increases on families and small businesses

  • I will defend the rights of small business owners


  • I am guided by our state Constitution and the U.S. Constitution 

  • I will fight for, and defend, individual rights and freedoms 

  • I oppose restrictive government mandates ​

  • I support the 2nd Amendment as written

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