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      Kari MacRae was born in Massachusetts, started her family with her husband David 33 years ago in Plymouth, Ma and settled in Bourne, where she has resided since 1999. Kari is a mother to 4 and grandmother to 4 courageous boys and 1 beautiful little girl.
Kari has spent the past 3 decades working as a financial banking manager, small business owner and educator. Kari graduated from Curry College in Plymouth with a bachelors degree in Business administration, with a minor in communications and Human resources. She leveraged her bachelors degree and Massachusetts Business teaching license over the past 10 years to empower high school students studying marketing, finance and entrepreneurship. Kari was elected and has served on the Bourne School committee since 2021. Kari ran for state senate for the 
Plymouth & Barnstable

district in 2022, where she garnered 44% of the vote against a democrat incumbent. SInce her run in 2022, she has been active on many committees and sub committees. She served on the Technology committee, where she advocated and successfully provided all Bourne teachers with their own laptop computers. She served on the Budget Facilities Sub Committe, where she was instrumental in planning the budget and deciding where funding should be allocated. Kari also serves on the Policy sub committee where she weighed in, reviewed and wrote new policies and adjusted where appropriate. Kari also serves on the Financial Policy Working Group for the Town of Bourne. 

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