Kari MacRae is the latest victim in a campaign to destroy free speech in America. She was wrongfully fired from her job as an educator simply because she expressed her political and philosophical views. She refused to resign as a board member knowing that she was elected by those in her community to serve their interests. Kari has worked for over seven years with extremely high risk youth in an economically depressed area. She has paved the way for countless youth to rise up and build a life founded on hard work and strong values. She has always encouraged her students to be “free thinkers”. She has raised her family; yet, she still dedicates her time to volunteer as a Bourne School District Board Member. She is an American patriot who values your free speech and her own.


Kari MacRae expressed her views through Tiktok on the controversial Critical Race Theory and Transgender curriculum being presented within public school districts across the nation. She was very clear in her video exactly why she was running for the school board and her concerns. Her voice is one among many differing views on both of these curriculums and their implementation. When we as a people allow one voice in America to be silenced, it won’t be long until all freedom of speech is destroyed. America is founded on discourse and ideals. Our Constitution demonstrates the importance of free speech by listing it as our very first protected right. That right shall not be infringed upon.


Those that would silence Kari MacRae, fire her from her job for her political views, or scream hate are not protectors of our Constitution. They are not the protectors of your free speech and they will eventually forfeit their own. This can not be allowed to stand. Kari will have a challenging time finding a teaching position, she will have the added expense of pursuing legal action against those that would infringe on her right of free speech, political philosophy, and values. This could be an economically devastating time for her and her family. If you are as passionate as Kari about the freedoms our nation stands for, please support her as she defends your rights.


Kari D MacRae