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I was born in New Bedford to a single mother and raised in Buzzards Bay, where I have resided for the past 30 years with my husband David and our four children. We are fortunate to have our family nearby and enjoy seeing our four grandchildren who are living in Falmouth and Bourne. I have been blessed to spend my life on Cape Cod. 


While raising our children, I owned a small business fabricating and designing home decor and window treatments. As our children became more independent, I decided to finish my college degree and attended Curry College where I earned my Bachelors degree in business management with a minor in communications. Earning my degree allowed me to transition from the financial banking industry and start my career in education as a High School business teacher. This newfound passion of teaching multifaceted elements of finance and entrepreneurship to students across the South Shore drove my desire to become more involved in the inner workings of education.


After witnessing the struggles of my students with remote learning, mandated face masks and social distancing during the 2020-2021 school year, I decided to run for a seat on the Bourne School Committee to offer a voice as a teacher and parent. I ran on a platform promising my constituents that as long as I was on the Bourne School Committee, I would not allow Critical Race Theory or Gender Identity Studies to be taught to our students, and that curriculum as a whole would be age appropriate.

In May of 2021, I was successfully elected to the Bourne School Committee. As a newly elected member, I spent time listening, learning and observing the needs and opinions of my community. Shortly into my term, it became apparent the issues I and my fellow citizens were concerned with were in fact being taught in our school district. As I started to voice my concerns opposing mask mandates and certain curriculum measures, community members became aware I was not going to allow business as usual to continue. A campaign of harassment and bullying was waged against me demanding my resignation. My reply to this was brief and direct, "I will not resign, I was elected based on my beliefs and vision for our schools". I continue to steadfastly represent the community which elected me and I make my positions on matters clear.

I am running for State Senate to ensure there is transparency and accountability in the Plymouth/ Barnstable district and Beacon Hill. 

"She is forced to make a decision, join the fight for a return to

the Founders' America, or live long enough to perish as a coward"

                                                  ~Jacque' Stoddard ( The Eagle's Claw)


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